Start 2014 The Right Way

Jake Nation has never been a big believer in good behavior, especially New Year’s resolutions. And the Mountain Men are more than willing to help you ruin yours on January 9th. To get the year started the right way, come by for a night of drinks, great tunes, fun, and Jakery. We guarantee that there’s little chance you’ll get enough sleep that night, and thus absolutely no chance you’ll get to the gym the next morning. Continue Reading →

Jake Invades Connecticut!

Jake have been plotting this for years, and have decided it’s time to expand its cover band dominance to not only another County, but another State entirely! And you know we can do it! But we need Jake Nation’s help. Continue Reading →

Just The Ribbons I Needed

“It’s not the ribbons that you wear, It’s not the ribbons in your hair” –Mussels Continue Reading →