Live @ Anthony Packes Memorial Show 11/17/2018

©2018 Todd Moore

Live @ Bedford Tri-Festa 9/22/2018

©2018 Ashley Covelli

Live @ Gramercy Ale House 11/25/2016

©2016 Drew Podwall

Live @ Tom & Jerry’s Irish House 11/19/2016

©2016 Ashley Covelli

Live @ Lucy’s Lounge 4/29/2016

©2016 John Apicelli

Live @ Lucy’s Lounge 3/19/2016

©2016 Ashley Covelli

Live @ Rye Grill & Bar 1/9/2014

©2014 Ashley Covelli

Live @ The Cos Cobber 11/2/2013

©2013 Ashley Covelli

Jake’s New Digs

New Rehearsal Space

TSM pounding the skins

Hello mountaineers!! The Mountainmen have acquired a new rehearsal space and are eager to “dust off those strings” for another round of rocking!

Contract negotiations with Jake went extraordinary and have closed at this time. We look forward to seeing him on the tour again!

So clear your calendars, put those baby sitters on standby, and grab some earplugs in anticipation of a whirlwind Fall tour, cause we’re gonna crank it to 11!!

Stay tuned for details!!

Rock on!!

Live @ Holy Smoke BBQ 6/6/2009

©2009 Ashley Covelli