Nick Gretina Music Festival 9/15/07: Post Mortem

This was a show full of apologies, but it was a good show nonetheless. From us apologizing to our fans for going on stage three hours late (not our fault), to us apologizing for our singer who put his foot in his mouth (our fault), this show somehow still kicked ass.

Many hot dogs and burgers were eaten. The weather was perfect until the sun went down. The PA system left a lot to be desired, but we made the best out of it that we could. We decided we would never play without Pete, our sound-man, ever again. Musically, we sounded better than ever. We rocked. Thanks to those of you who stuck around! We’ll see you back at Foley’s.

Are You Gonna Go My Way
Canary in a Coalmine
I Will Follow
Say It Ain’t So
Jesse’s Girl
Song 2
Molly’s Chamber
Love and Memories
Life on a Chain
Working for the Weekend

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