Katonah goes silent…

Dear Friends,

Tonight i had the chance to talk to Scott Pirus, part owner/manager from the Katonah Grill. He filled me in on the recent decision from our illustrious town board to revoke their cabaret license. What this means is there will be no more live music played at the Katonah Grill. No more great open mic blues music on Wednesday nights, no more outstanding cover bands like Katonah’s very own Jake and the Mountain Men (shameless plug) or any other great music. The Town Board decided to pull their license even though the grill has never received any tickets, summons’ or any other type of legal action. Any noise complaint was determined to be “unfounded” by local police investigating in the surrounding neighborhoods. Any suggestions that the town or local police ever gave to them was handled above and beyond what they had to do.

So save the date January 15th; the board has given the owners and operators of the Katonah Grill a chance to appeal their decision. Maybe you can come out and support. Let the town know that the Grill is not supported by a bunch of kids that are two minutes past 21 years old, but by men and women that grew up here: Local firemen, EMT’s, teachers, public workers, blue collar people that used to be the back bone of this town, and remember what that place was like before the Katonah Bar & Grill took over. Adults that like to unwind a little bit after work and play some guitar at an open mic night, or old friends catching up over a few drinks while local musicians play them songs so they could have fun and forget about work for awhile.

Any-who, that’s my rant. Please feel free to write to the Town Board and tell them just how wrong they are. Or maybe the record-review? If you need any details or anything, comment below. I will be in touch in a few weeks to give details about the meeting. We’re looking to show up in numbers. Any support will be greatly appreciated.

Don’t let live music die in Katonah!!!

Scott Hickey

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