Holy Smoke 6/6/09: Post-Mortem

Jake played encores after finishing up a five-hour show. Take that, Springsteen!

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Photos ©2009 Ashley Covelli

Set 1
(What’s So Yummy ‘Bout) Beef, Pork & Barbecuing
Bar-B-Que City
New Age Grill
Just What I Seasoned
The Boys Like Blackened Trout
Charcoal Killed the Propane Star
Bloody Holly
Jesse’s Grill
Nom Nom Nom, De Da Da Da
Life on Propane
I Melt With Bleu (Cheese)

Set 2
Handle With Flare
Counting Blue Flames
Crazy Chicken Wings I Love
Stuck in the Metal
My Best Friend’s Grill
Wish You Were Seared
Brian Wilson
Like a Stone
Radio, Radio
Pulling Mussels (From the Grill)

Set 3
Dani Carolina (Pulled Pork)
Tastes So Good
Last Bite
American Grill
It’s the End of the Feast As We Know It (And I Feel Full)
Smoke Me Out
Rock the Cash Bar
Everybody Wants to Rule the Grill
Lager in a Bottle
Bite Moves
Rub Meat Two Times
Working for our Dinner
All Along the Slow-Cooker
Under Pressure (Cooker)
Delicious Minds
Brisket in the Sun
Bar-B-Que O’Reilly
Dancing with Myself/I Wanna Be Sedated (The Deadly Medley)

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