Jake Live @ Lucy’s Bar & Lounge 3/19/16

  • Sat

    Live @ Lucy's Bar & Lounge

    9:30 pm

    Lucy's Bar & Lounge
    446 Bedford Rd
    Pleasantville, NY 10570

    Jake and the Mountain Men are giving you a full day to recover from your St. Patrick's Day hangover! Come down and join us on March 19th at Lucy's Bar & Lounge for a Rock And Roll Adventure Time at your favorite local venue featuring your favorite, loudest cover band: Us!

    Lucy's Bar & Lounge "Rock And Roll Adventure Time" 03-19-16

    Take a drive, or take the train!

Jake Live @ Lucy’s Bar & Lounge 8/7/15

  • Fri

    Live @ Lucy's Bar & Lounge

    9:30 pm

    Lucy's Bar & Lounge
    446 Bedford Rd
    Pleasantville, NY 10570

    In 2007 after a lengthy hiatus, Jake and the Mountain Men reunited in the scintillating village of Pleasantville, NY. Eight years later, Jake will make their triumphant return to the second best smelling 'city' in the world [GQ Magazine]. So take a drive, or take the train, and feast your olfactory & auditory systems on the pleasing smells and sounds of Jake in the heart of suburbia. We promise to shower and wear deodorant if you do!

    Lucy's Bar & Lounge 08-07-15

Jake Live @ The Rye Grill & Bar 6/4/15

  • Thu

    Live @ The Rye Grill & Bar

    8:30 pm

    The Rye Grill & Bar
    One Station Plaza
    Rye, NY 10580
    (914) 967-0332

    Rye Grill & Bar 06-04-15

    No ugly sweaters required this time, folks! Come and drop in after work for some dinner & drinks, and bring your dancing shoes. We've dusted off some old favorites, and learned some new classic tunes as well.

    Take the train to Rye and stumble home. We'll see you there!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Rye Grill & Bar - Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Beat The Heat

Beat The Heat with Jake

Fans of Jake, the last time we played in Rye it was 7°F. We used our acoustic guitars as firewood to keep alive during the polar vortex, so we’re going electric this time around. We trust that your ear drums are ready for us!

Come on down for great food and rocking tunes. We’ll be playing some perennial favorites and unleashing some new surprises, too.

Live @ Rye Grill & Bar 1/9/2014

©2014 Ashley Covelli

Start 2014 The Right Way

Ring In The New Year - The Right Way
Jake Nation has never been a big believer in good behavior, especially New Year’s resolutions. And the Mountain Men are more than willing to help you ruin yours on January 9th. To get the year started the right way, come by for a night of drinks, great tunes, fun, and Jakery. We guarantee that there’s little chance you’ll get enough sleep that night, and thus absolutely no chance you’ll get to the gym the next morning.

“The Cos Cobber Medley” Live 11/2/2013

Live @ The Cos Cobber 11/2/2013

©2013 Ashley Covelli

Jake Invades Connecticut!

Cos Cobber 11-2-2013

Jake have been plotting this for years, and have decided it’s time to expand its cover band dominance to not only another County, but another State entirely! And you know we can do it! But we need Jake Nation’s help.

Come join us for a night of tunes, drinks, and, most importantly, Jakeship.