The Cos Cobber 11/2/13: Post-Mortem

We at Jake consider Pete, our live sound engineer, to be a full-fledged band member. If you were at the show this past weekend you probably learned that Pete was on vacation- and well, we really missed him!

The show was off to a somewhat rocky start as no able-bodied individuals could figure out how to get sound coming out of Pete’s board. After pressing every combination of buttons we could think of (including frantically texting and calling Pete) we eventually figured out a hack that worked pretty well. Massive props go to Mike Griffiths for running sound for us in Pete’s absence. He was dealt a pretty shitty bad hand and handled it well- with a few beers and a big smile.

Photos ©2013 Ashley Covelli

After a “fashionably late” start, we got right into the business of hard rocking. Acoustic guitars can’t hold Jake back from melting faces! The venue was packed with our regular fans and quite a few locals who, admittedly, may have only stuck around to see if we’d ever be able to get the sound system working… Nonetheless, we made some brand new fans, rocked hard, and played loudly- the only way we know how.


Set 1
Last Night
Better Man
Won’t Back Down
Midnight Rider
No Excuses
Dark Hollow
Brian Wilson
My Best Friend’s Girl
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Life on a Chain

Set 2
Wild Night
Just Like Heaven
What’s So Funny (‘Bout Peace Love and Understanding)?
It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Night Moves
Beds Are Burning
American Girl
Hurts So Good

Blister in the Sun

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