…If You Only Knew

8/14/2014 @ Rye Grill & Bar

Holy Christmas cookies, if you only knew what was coming…

When Will Then Be Now?

8/14/2014 @ Rye Grill & Bar

Tonight! No, last night! Last night… I’m gonna look back… Tomorrow? Never mind. Just play.

The Setlist

2/22/2014 @ Draught 55

Wooh! I just looked at the rest of the setlist, and we are FUCKED!

All Over the Place

8/1/2013 @ Rye Grill & Bar

Aside from falling off the stage in 7th grade, I think that might be the most embarrassing thing I ever did up here… I’m all over the place tonight.


6/6/2009 @ Holy Smoke

This song is by your friend Loverboy!
Everyone’s watching, yoodle-noo-wadoo… uhh, yeah…

Ready to Have Some Fun?!

5/23/2009 @ Willy Nick’s

MUSSELS: “Alright! You guys ready to have some fun?!”


MUSSELS: “No?! Get outta here then! Go home.”

(Hey) Ya Done Goof’d

5/23/2009 @ Willy Nick’s

Alright, alright, alright, all I’ll say in our defenses… We played that song for 30 seconds in rehearsal this week.

A New Tambourine

5/23/2009 @ Willy Nick’s

For the second time this year, I owe Moonspank a new fucking tambourine.

Cold As Ice

7/21/2007 @ Foley’s Club Lounge

DINO: “You’re as cold as ice, you’re willing to sacrifice our love…”

MUSSELS: “…for real?!”

Just The Ribbons I Needed

3/10/2007 @ Foley’s Club Lounge

It’s not the ribbons that you wear,
It’s not the ribbons in your hair